I personally think Kairi looks good in Sora’s getup


Bucky trying to make sense of his memories:

*points at Natasha:* I’ve slept with you.

*points at Steve* Have I slept with you?

Steve shakes his head and babbles something.

Bucky pats Steve’s chest. “We’ll fix that.”

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Fire’s hair is always so fun

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bright young women sick of swimming and all that


Abbie be like —

JFC do I have to rescue all the men folk up in this mutha f&*kin’ place? Can someone please give a sistah a hand?


Tian and Lalasa, quick study break

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Wonder Woman Re-Design


I did not know that I needed to see this.


I find myself really bothered by the treatment of the Stark children (Bran, Arya, and Sansa) in the show. D&D don’t seem to appreciate their value as characters. They give the focus to their abusers/kidnappers, they emphasize the “players” in the system and not these children who are affected by the war, and they just don’t care enough.

At this point in the show, it’s very clear that there just isn’t enough appreciation for them. By that I mean:

  • Arya has become completely unrecognizable from her book self and is played for comic relief/isn’t allowed to have any emotions/grieve 
  • Sansa isn’t even allowed to do anything at all, D&D have done the impossible and somehow given her less agency than she has in the books
  • And we can hardly make judgements about Bran’s characterization considering he’s never even given any screentime

The kids are so important in the books though. They illustrate the complexities of southern politics and the treacherous world of the “game of thrones” (Sansa.) They teach us the affects of war, the life of the smallfolk, and the ravaging of the countryside (Arya.) They show the depths of magic and history as well as the tragedy of ruling and losing one’s home (Bran.) They serve as three of the main POVs and are integral to the feelings ASoIaF gives the reader.

Their arcs are long, emotional and essentially read as a bildungsroman for each Stark kid.  

They are important. They shouldn’t be ignored. And yet they are? In the season so far (and previous seasons as well,) they are constantly being sidelined for other characters. Is there any reason that Tywin Lannister had more screentime last episode than House Stark has all season? Or how about how Margaery and Olenna, Cersei and Varys, and so on (all the “players”, the people in power) are given the focus over the kids? Some episodes Ygritte and the wildlings have more screentime than all the Starks combined. And when Robb was still alive (who had no POV in the books,) he upstaged all three as well.

I’ve spoken before about the importance of the Stark kids, how they are the true focus of the house and its future revitalization, it makes me so sad that D&D have missed this. Watching the show, it feels like D&D don’t even deem Bran worth showing at all- because there are no game players around to instead focus on maybe, who knows- and that Arya and Sansa are forced into playing supporting roles in their own arcs.