She would kill them


sheisdash: Umm..I’m just saying tho #nyfw #hitmypart

WHAT the hell

I can't tell, is Mags hair long and just tied back in a ponytail or also short? And I'm not sure if Angela would freak out in a good way or a bad way over suddenly new younger siblings. XD *is curious and in love with these* —eva-emaria


Mags has short hair!

As for Angela…


She’d freak out in a good way. Yes. Very good indeed. Angela stamp of approval, please send more so she can smother them with sisterly affection.

Myers Briggs by Fashion Statements


INFJ: Flower crown- “Let’s make one together!”
ESTP: Arm candy- “Jealous?”
INTJ: Burgundy lipstick- “I was going to wear red lipstick, but it didn’t say ‘I could kill a man’ loud enough”
ESFP: Prom dress, if they could- “Why not look your best, all the time?”
INFP: Brightly colored hair- “What are you looking at? Do you like it? Let’s be friends!”
ESTJ: Blazer- “Let’s get down to buisness”
INTP: Headphones- “Don’t talk to me”
ESFJ: A big, fabulous hat- “I know, right?”
ISFJ: A sundress- “I just loved this darling flower pattern”
ENTP: Fantastic hair- “This took me an hour and a lot of product. *wink* Want to feel it sweetheart?”
ISTJ: Suit and tie- “Dress for the job you want”
ENFP: Bow tie- “Because they’re cool”
ISFP: Winged eyeliner “It’s punk rock”
ENTJ: Red lipstick- “I’m in charge”
ISTP: Sunglasses- “Leave me alone immediately”
ENFJ: “The prettiest thing on anyone is a smile, honey”


I marked all the times in the first book when George flirts with Alanna before he even knows she’s secretly a girl and…


I’m wondering if there’s a possibility of bisexual George? Because I am all here for bisexual George.


Sudogrooto and Rocket Zigzagoon! by RyuuKiba

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are lesbian mermaids called h2omosexuals





I personally think Kairi looks good in Sora’s getup