Sansa was a lady at three, always so courteous and eager to please. She loved nothing so well as tales of knightly valor. Men would say she had my look, but she will grow into a woman far more beautiful than I ever was, you can see that. I often sent away her maid so I could brush her hair myself. She had auburn hair, lighter than mine, and so thick and soft… the red in it would catch the light of the torches and shine like copper.


That seems unnecessarily complicated.  Via littlepawz.


mike washingtowski

i still don t understand 


Just gonna take a bubble bath and watch American Horror Story. I can live with that.


big ol hands


Bears and Berries - Print here



Cherno babiessss aaaa

warm up doodle for commish tiem /o/

Lookit how perfect they are!

So I’m making my friend watch PMMM and she just told me she just wants Madoka to make her contract all ready and I just ;_;

Bad new guys, my laptop won’t turn on ;_; The lights in the keyboard turn on the monitor does nothing and it just sits in limbo till I push the power button again. I’m using my aunt’s old laptop, but it is slow and won’t load Tumblr past the first page, so I’ll probably won’t be as active on here.