I can't tell, is Mags hair long and just tied back in a ponytail or also short? And I'm not sure if Angela would freak out in a good way or a bad way over suddenly new younger siblings. XD *is curious and in love with these* —eva-emaria


Mags has short hair!

As for Angela…


She’d freak out in a good way. Yes. Very good indeed. Angela stamp of approval, please send more so she can smother them with sisterly affection.

do you have any headcanons (queer or non) for the gargoyles? —mythwhiff


So many. I might be about to get a ton of arguments, but I think that gender and sexuality would be much less of a big deal for them than it is us, and there’s a lot less differentiation and thought about it in general. They might identify as queer or straight but never really label it (humans “name a thing, give it limits,” they often don’t), and for gargoyles to be queer or trans or nonbinary would just be an absolute non-issue and no big deal.

They might have different words for it (or no words necessary at all) but a lot of them might be not straight or cis, and nobody thinks this is weird and it’s just never been an issue and probably wouldn’t be until some human was like “wtf is this.” Pure speculation, but you know how there’s been the thought that if more people knew from childhood that nonbinary genders and being trans was a thing and that there wasn’t something wrong with them, that a whole hell of a lot more would ID as that? Something like that, I think. 

I’m not sure exactly how much it’s been Jossed (or in this case, Gregged), but I’d probably still keep that headcanon anyway, because it makes me incredibly happy.


It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of the naughty!

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Elisa Maza NYCC 2011 by Dragonrider1227


QIS - Lexington by Kanthara

Also someone remind me when I have free time that I wanted to try making pillows of Gargoyles (like their face simplified as a pillow)


There are very few perfect shows in this world. Gargoyles is one of them.


I will ALWAYS be into Gargoyles. <3


Annoying Demona- By Horus-Goddess