Gargoyles-Badass Women per epi: Diann Maza-Her Brother’s Keeper

"Honey if you’re not happy maybe its time for a change. This job with Xanatos sounds like a wonderful opportunity."


90’s love… #Gargoyles#Goliath#Demona#disneycartoon#Disneyanimation#Disney

Gargoyles-Bad Ass Women per epi: Captain Maria Chavez-Deadly Force

"Non-projectile weapon prototypes from Xanitos Enterprises. How many of these guns were stolen?"


Convergence & The Gathering


The four Pucks of Convergence!!
Me and the Three other Puckateers!

Hurray for Gargoyles 20th Anniversary!!

I must say we Pucks predominated as one of the most numerous gargoyles cosplay! And it was Glorious!!


Get to know me meme — [5/5] favorite female characters: Demona


first style icon // gargoyles


Sketch on paper :) Demona from Gargoyles…so nostalgic!!

Temporarily open for $5 sketch commissions!

Click here for more info! :)


Brooklyn was always my favorite as a kid. He and Goliath were my favorites, I think.

vero-chan was streaming Gargoyles last night. I hadn’t seen it since I was a little kid, haha. Pretty dang good show.


Young(er) Hudson for the unofficial Gargoyles Zine w/ beatfist.

No deadlines and no rules, woo!

Now everyone go pester beatfist b/c she promised to do a badass granny Demona, and I wanna see it.