Book 35 is The Setting Sun by Dazai Osamu. This was the last book we read for my Japanese Lit class, and the book that I wrote my final essay on.  It is the story of Kazuko and how her family reacts to the loss of the aristocracy that they were in. Kazuko is the first well written female character from a male author that we’ve read in the class, which was super depressing and at the same time exciting when we got to her. But a lot of the class didn’t like her, including the guy who’s article I presented to the class on the book. So I wrote my paper on why he was wrong and she is awesome. (I also read some review that said her getting pregnant was a form of spiritual suicide, which just made me go “NOOO” because she is the only character in the book who survives and lives and that is great)

Go read it this is some cool stuff here. 

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    Kazuko is totally awesome. She gets what she wants, which is a baby, and tries to forget about everything and everyone...
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